Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Learning to Crawl!

I'm learning how to crawl! Mommy says I'm making progress every day. At first, I started out doing the "wounded soldier crawl" where I move through the house dragging my legs behind me. Now I can get on all fours and rock back and forth! My Daddy and I crawl all around which makes me very tired. I also like to piggy-back while Daddy crawls around...he really is a "wounded soldier"! Just the other day we crawled so much I fell asleep right on the floor!

I'm wearing the super cute outfit that my godmother Tarsila bought me. I'm wearing fit and flare Guess jeans with matching baby-T and camouflage jacket. I look so cute and trendy!

I'm really enjoying being able to get around on my own these days but....

like I said, I get very, bye for now! LOVE!!