Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Pics...Finally!

A special message from my Mommy.....

We are sorry to have kept all of you waiting for so long to see new pictures of Piper. She amazes us everyday! She is crawling all over the place and is starting to pull herself up onto furniture or whatever she can grab for that matter, and cruise. Walking may not be too far off! We've been doing sign language with her since she was 6 months and at 9 months she has learned to sign "eat", "all finished" and her favorite, "more"! She does tend to use the "more" sign for a variety of wants and needs. Good thing we understand her! However, at times we are still trying to figure out what she wants which frustrates her to no end. She responds by screeching and doing the "more" sign harder and faster. Apparently Mommy and Daddy are still learning. We continue to add new signs each day and will keep you posted on her progress.

Here are the most recent photos of our little angel!

Piper has weaned herself from her bottle and formula. She will only drink from a straw and will not use a "sippy cup". She loves cow's milk and water...which is good since that's all we give her. Here she is drinking from a cup like the big girl she is!

She also loves to copy faces. Below you see her showing her latest face which we call the "fishy-face". Piper loves to play with Ikaika too. She waits for him to get a toy then crawls over and steals it right out of his mouth. He is very gentle with her and waits for her to put the toy down before he tries to recover it.

If you look close you can see she has 4 teeth now! Well actually, since this photo was taken she has 4 1/2 teeth now since more are coming in up top. She's laughing because Papa was dancing with her and twirling her around. The other photo is her first trip to the beach to watch her brothers skimboard. She was amazed by the texture of the sand!